Fair Jeanne
Bytown Brigantine
Home page for Bytown Brigantine. A non profit sail training organization based in Ottawa Canada. Current owners and operators of the STV Fair Jeanne and STV Blackjack.
Eye of the Wind
Eye of the Wind
Brigantine Eye of the Wind website. Features detailed vessel history, specifications and current itinerary of this classic vessel. This site has been recently updated with new information concerning the vessels recent change of ownership as well as refit details. Also stop by to visit the Eye of the Winds own Tall Ships of the 21st Century virtual tour.
Brig Niagara
U.S. Brig Niagara
Home page for U.S. Brig Niagara, providing details of the vessel as well as information on the Erie Maritime Museum and Flagship Niagara League
Stad Amsterdam
Clipper Stad Amsterdam
Home page of the Rederij Clipper Stad Amsterdam. Based out of the Netherlands this site serves as the internet homeport of the luxurious Clipper Stad Amsterdam. A recently redesigned site, featuring state of the art web design, fabulous photos and a tall ship of the 21st century virtual tour, this site comes highly recommended.

Schooner Man
- An excellent resouce for tall ship related information. Alphabetically arranged links to many , many vessels

The Adventure - Official site of the historic Essex schooner, Adventure. A national landmark, and subject of our recent article in the June/July issue of Traditional Boats and Tall Ships, the Adventure is currently docked in Harbor Loop in Gloucester Mass. Her website provides fascinating historical information as well as current updates on the restoration efforts to get her sailing again. Also featured is a new virtual tour of the vessel.

The Asgard II - Official homepage of Ireland's brigantine the Asgard II. This fast loading site offers photos and information on the vessel and the sail training program hosted aboard her by the Irish Sail Training Association, Coiste an Asgard

Sir Robert Baden Powell - Official site of the schooner Sir Robert Baden Powell, based in the Netherlands Antilles. The newest member of the Tall Ship of the 21st Century Program, the Sir Robert offers some of the best sailing and diving excursions available in the Caribbean. Having sailed on her ourselves, we can guarantee that the avid sailer looking for a true hands-on sailing experience will not be dissapointed.

The Quinnipiack - Official site of Schooner Sound Learning and thier schooner Quinnipiack, based in New Haven, Connecticut. Hosting an extensive marine studies program from both an impressive lab and the schooner itself, this organization is on our "must contact' list for youth organizations interested in new and interesting programs. The Quinnipiack itself, an official member of the Tall Ships of the 21st Century, offers day and extended sails for charter and the public.

The Californian - Official site of the topsail schooner Californian

The USCG Eagle - Homepage of the US Coast Guards sail training vessel, the largest US tall ship. This site provides beautiful photographs, complete vessel history and specifications and current schedule of this historic bark.

The Ernestina - Homepage of the Schooner Ernestina, based out of New Bedford, Massachusetts. This award winning site provides extensive historical information and specifications on one of Americas National Landmarks. One of seven surviving Essex fishing schooners, she is currently operated by the Ernestina Foundation. The site also contains information on membership, sail opportunities and current schedule.

Fridtjof Nansen - Homepage of the topsail schooner Fridtjof Nansen, based out of Wolgast, Germany. This site, exclusively in German, provides detailed vessel history and specifications as well as information on the vessels sail training program.

Grossherzogin Elisabeth - Homepage of the Grossherzogin Elisabeth - This site, in German only, features vessel history , photos and contact and charter information for this big German schooner.

Schooner Hindu - Informational page on Provincetowns only historical vessel, the schooner Hindu. Available for public sails out of MacMacmillan Wharf, the Hindu provides a unique Cape Cod experience to those who visit her. This site features vessel history, photos and contact information.

Schooner Larinda - Homepage of the Schooner Larinda, based out of Marston Mills, Massachusetts. This site offers detailed vessel construction details and schedule information on this unique interpretation of an 18th century English schooner. Charter and sail training information also available.

Mary Anne - Homepage of the barkentine Mary Anne, based out of Kiel, Germany. This page, sponsored by the European Sailing System, offers detailed specifications and photographs of this magnificent vessel.

Barkentine Peace - Homepage of Meyer zur Heyde, a German site offering cruises aboard the barkentines Peace, Mary Anne, Atlantis and Thalassa . Exclusively in German this site offers full specifications of the vessels and information on offshore voyages on them .

Schooner Phoenix - Home page of the Coastal Ecology Learning Program and the schooner Phoenix. Based out of Huntington, New York, this organization utilizes the replica of a 19th century fishing schooner and the rich waters of Long Island sound, to provide students from K through college a unique multidisciplinary marine biology program. This "FLASH" enhanced site features program details as well as history and photos of the schooner Phoenix, another vessel ion the Tall Ships of the 21st Century family.

Picton Castle - The voyages of the Barque Picton Castle. This new site offers extensive voyage logs with photographs of the travels of this historic bark. Information on signing aboard and latest schedule information is also provided.

The Soren Larsen - Official site for the brigantine Soren Larsen - A large site with excellent articles on the comings and goings of the Soren Larsen and the adventures of her crew

The Corwith Cramer - Home page of the SEA organization (Woods Hole, Mass.) Owners and operators of the Corwith. This is an institutional site , great for someone interested in both the vessels they operate and
obtaining a maritime oriented education.

The Harvey Gamage - Home page of the Schooner Harvey Gamage Foundation (Cornwall, New York.) A youth Sail training organization.

Brig Formidable - Home page of the Brig Formidable (Hamilton , Mass.) Replica of 18th
century coast guard Brig. Provides day sails and educational programs
on 18th century US maritime history.

East Indiaman Gotheborg - Home page of the East Indiaman Gotheborg (Gotheborg , Sweden.) An
impressive site documenting the construction of a replica of the famous,
18th century East Indiaman Gotheborg. Lots of construction photos

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